Artificial Intelligence and the reality behind it.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is something close or similar to humans i.e the way we think or respond to particular situations.When talking about AI, just consider thinking about machines only.Today work is done on AI, so as to bring efficiency and more output.In AI we are just programming machines for certain unique traits:-

•    Reasoning
•    Learning
•    Ability to Manipulate
•    Planning

Examples of AI:- There are several examples of AI in our daily life
•    A face recognition software In mobiles
•    Thum impression used in offices for attendance
•    Our Air conditioning systems have also AI features.

Myth’s about AI:-

When talking about Artificial Intelligence the first thing that comes to mind is Iron Man, Terminator, Avenger’s, Chappie, I Robot… all these are fictional blockbuster movies but the reality is far beyond this.In reality, you won’t see an iron man with a nuclear thing in his heart. Maybe someday we can achieve such technology but it will take time I guess…

AI Good/Bad For human race:-              
Artificial Intelligence
Stephen Hawking, one of Britain's pre-eminent scientists said “The development of full AI could end the human race.It would take off on its own & re-design itself at a very increasing rate. A human who is limited by slow biological evolution, couldn’t compete & would be superseded”.

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Yes, I can agree with the above statement, what if one day we are able to build a machine which can solve problems on its own, can dream, just like the movie “I Robot” and we could not control it, I am afraid then we might have a big problem. While doing research I found many(AI) projects are being worked upon and till now we have only heard about the benefits & no negative impact on human race has found till date.So, if machines could think on their own that phase is yet very far to come. There will be no doomsday because of AI, just use the AI wisely.For more details on AI visit Wikipedia

Artificial Intelligence

Author:- Dhruv Raina


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