6 Weeks/Months Industrial Training in Batala

Industrial training
An industrial training is a brief, learning-oriented work experience which helps students to know their area of interest and gain practical exposure in that area. Industrial training is undertaken by students during their semester break,  in order to learn industry skills, work ethics and to achieve professional development for their career growth. It also gives students an opportunity to put into practice what they have learned during their curriculum at university or college. The real importance of industrial training is to make students aware of the working environment and the professionalism they need to adapt to achieve a better career in life. It also lets students use their theoretical knowledge and solve real-time case studies by implying them in a real job situation. Now at Raina Technologies, you can earn the opportunity of 6 Weeks/Months Industrial Training in Batala only.
Why Choose wisely? Students these days choose any institutes just to have a certificate and pay huge fees without gaining any knowledge, which they regret during their last semesters when they face interviews. Institutes, their main focus is to earn money and they only teach bookish theories which don’t help in real job situation at all. Hence, students face the consequences.
Always choose a corporate company or Start-ups for your internship or industrial training. Working with a Start-ups helps you to learn real problem-solving skills which boost your confidence and helps you keep in touch with your management. You learn case studies and gain analytical and problem-solving skills and even helps you share your ideas in a particular situation thereby boosting your management skills too.
Why us? At Raina Technologies all students are given full exposure how a start-up works and given an opportunity to work with our corporate team and learn to target international markets by working on our corporate projects. We are not just an institute, we are a company who is expanding so as to give young leaders for this fast-changing industry. You will execute task given to you by your team leader and full assistance will be provided by our experts. Staring industrial training/Internship with start-ups like us will help you in following ways:-
•Direct contact with corporate Team
• Practical tasks to test your ability
• Experience Online internship
• Receive Credit for your work
• Make industry contacts
• Build and Practice new skills
• Professional working environment
• Time management
• Certification
• University Credit

Students can convert their internships into pre-placement offers.For more details click Here


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