Best Digital Marketing Institute in Batala

Best Digital Marketing Institute in Batala

Raina Technologies is a Start-up company Founded by a former  MBA alumni of G.N.D.U. The Start-up was established to target international market as SEO - web design company. The company is doing very good and now decided to Start Digital Marketing Institute in Batala in order to provide new digital skills and techniques to the youth, so that they do not have to go to other cities for taking coaching or internships during there MBA/B.Tech studies.One of the reasons to establish this institute is to promote entrepreneurship by providing relevant skills to students or professionals and helping them in their career development.

The curriculum designed is 90% practical according to the industry standards, so as to help professionals, entrepreneurs, businessman as well as students.This will help gain making greater profits for business and greater job prospects for students and professionals. Emphasis is placed on practical digital skills which help in developing confidence, analytical skills and boost participation, which makes you stand in the real corporate world. We make sure you get better ROI and help you scale new heights in your career.

Digital Marketing Modules:-

•          Website creation/Blog
•          Serach Engine Optimization
•          Search Engine Marketing
•          Google Analytics
•          Google AdWords
•          Affiliate Marketing
•          Social Media Marketing
•          YouTube Marketing
•          E-Mail Marketing

Course Outcome:-

•          Provided guidance to develop a professional website.
•          Through Affiliate programs, you will learn to earn money through digital media.
•          Improving Search Engine Ranking of your blog/website.
•          Develop advertising campaigns on Google AdWords and Bing Ads.
•          Explore advertising methods on Social Media Platforms.
•          You will Expertise in Web Analytics and will be able to make your own reports considering your analytics data.
•         Analyse the success factors of Mobile advertising and viral media.
•          You will expertise in White Hat and Black Hat SEO.

Course Duration and Eligibility:-

The course duration is 45- 60 days and on completion, of course, students are assigned to case studies and labs for corporate exposure. On completion of the Course, you might get the opportunity to work with our corporate team and absorbed in our company. It's better to work hard from the beginning of the course to grab this opportunity. The students from all streams can pursue this course. No matter you are in 10th or a graduate you are always welcomed in the digital family. The earlier you start,  the better it's going to be.

Why Us:-

We will provide job assistance to all successful candidates and will give the opportunity to work in our organization ( Raina Technologies).After completing this module you will demonstrate sufficient knowledge and skills to identify, reach and retain desired target market by marrying internet emerging technologies to the old-time classic traditional method. We believe In 90%Practical Learning and 10% theory so you attain full satisfaction, personal growth with better ROI. Don’t wait, join the Best Digital Marketing Institute in Batala and avail discount.


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