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If you want to make Career in digital marketing now is the time you need to think and act on it , before its too late. This is the digital era phase i.e the phase of Internet Of Things. However, the evolving technologies along with market forces have made it mandatory to start doing digital marketing or sink. Earlier companies did not even know about digital marketing concept , but today every company is hiring digital experts in order to face a challenge in this growing global market. No matter you are an engineer, simple graduate or MBA you can opt for digital marketing as a career. This need to be made clear because I often get queries from friends or my followers from different streams that if they can change their job profile or is it good from moving to this profile (Digital Marketing expert). This is a very interesting field where you learn new things every day and boost your morale whenever your keywords rank high. Today digital market experts are getting highly paid as compared to traditional market field experts. If you don’t like field job, I want to make it clear that digital marketing is a totally sitting job which comes with lot of fun and you learn new strategies every day. Moreover, you are direct contact with top management which provides prestige and designations also sound cool.

Career options available in digital marketing:-

·        Digital marketing manager
·        SEO expert
·        Content writer
·        Social media manager
·        PR specialist
·        Adwords expert

Digital Marketing is the process of marketing of products and services using various digital techniques ,sources, strategies, tools, tactics and various digital mediums such as mobile phones or other digital gadgets. Digital Marketing is totally different and way better than traditional marketing.

Following are some of the digital marketing techniques:-

1.     SEO
2.     Content Marketing
3.     Viral Marketing
4.     Digital Marketing
5.     Social media Marketing
6.     Banner Adds
7.     E-Mail Marketing

Five Major benefits of Digital Marketing:-

1.     Get Real-Time Results:- Yeah, you can see real-time that i.e what’s working on your website, blog or business.

Google Analytics tools do this job better. You can see how many visitors’s are present on your blog or website. You can keep checking on your website traffic  i.e how many visitors’s per month, year or per day. This gives you a clear view of what optimization you need to do on your website. You can even see the location of your visitors i.e there country or city. Just remember to apply UTM where ever you drop your URL or make backlinks. You can even set a goal and you will get triggered when your goal is complete.

2.     Global Reach:- With digital marketing you can cover every country, city or segment you want to target.

3.     Turn small office into giant corporation:- Alibaba , ola cabs, Paytm  all started from small offices and today they are giants in their segments. All because of the digital era.

4.     Get better ROI (Return on Investment):- Digital marketing provides better ROI than traditional marketing.

5.     Lead Generation:- Digital marketing brings more leads globally as compared to traditional marketing. Digital marketing covers every demography you desire.

6.     Know your competitor's strategies:- You can easily keep a check on your competitor's online strategies by using various tools such as SEO Profiler, Aherf’s etc. You can easily follow which market or which segment your competitor is focusing on. You can also keep check that on which site they are guest posting, make backlinks, directory submissions etc.

Now is the time You opt for Career in digital marketing before its too late, because it's always difficult to switch careers at a later stage. In the coming years digital marketing experts are in huge demand, So, best of luck.


  1. Thank you for posting this article. I can learn a lot of things in your posting article.

  2. Thanks for your efforts to make this post wonderful. Great work.Love problem solution - Digital marketing is a very challenging job but also give new experience.

  3. Good Article. Digital marketing is a term that allows you to market your products using digital technologies mainly on the internet.In this digital market,the following tasks to do list such as website function, web content, Linking Social media platforms, Adding Subscribers,performance tracking etc.
    Digital Marketing


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