Basics of SEO

What is SEO?  
Search Engine Optimization

Basics of SEO are very important before going into more technical stuff. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The main objective of SEO is to Rank your specific keywords. The ranking of your keyword in SERP (Search Engine Result Page) is important so as to bring more and more traffic to your website or blog. The first motive is generating leads and the final and most important motive are converting these leads i.e conversion.

SEO is done in order to make your website/blog more accessible to search engines and to make your pages indexed by a search engine. SEO is a part of digital marketing in which a digital market expert uses certain techniques and tactics to make a content of a website ranked in the search engine listings. Quality and quantity of traffics are major components of SEO, which can help you improve your organic ranking on SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). SEO is of two types:-

Why do we need SEO for our website or blog?

SEO is very important for your website as well as its internal pages. Following are the reasons:-

1.     Visibility:- SEO techniques help website/blog more visible to different search engines and end users.

2.     Traffic:- If SEO techniques are used properly, it helps in driving more traffic to your website.

3.     Better Ranking:- SEO helps in ranking your websites on top of the search results.

4.     Conversions:- More visibility on SERP leads to more traffic and thereby increasing rate of return.

5.     Brand Recognition:- Top ranking and visibility in the SERP always leads to brand recognition.

Factors that help in higher ranking in search results?

1.     Meta Discription:-  This should provide a description of around 160 characters about the page.

2.     Header Tag:- Highlight the header tags properly and keywords in H1, H2 and H3 are embedded with style and title tags.

3.     Sitemap:- Search Engine easily recognize your website through this site map. You can easily submit your sitemap on the Google search console.

4.     Keyword:- Focus on long term keywords with maximum search volume and medium competition if you are in the initial stage or starting phase.

5.     Title Tag:- Title tag content should be of 70 characters and should be unique for each page.

ON-PAGE SEO:- It is the technique of optimizing the website itself. Things to consider while doing On-Page SEO:-
·        Content
·        Design
·        Start title with keyword
·        Drop keyword in first paragrapgh of content
·        An optimal Keyword density
·        Moderate Internal linking is good
·        Unique page titles
·        Meta Description (160 characters)
·        URL should be SEO friendly
·        Responsive web design

OFF-Page SEO:- It is the technique of improving the ranking of the website through activities outside the website. This technique helps in increasing the ranking of website in the search results. Common off page SEO techniques are:-
·        Blog commenting
·        Directory submission
·        Social bookmarking sites
·        Classifieds
·        Question and Answer sites
·        Forum commenting
·        Profile creation
·        PDF submissions
·        PPT submissions
·        Guest postings
·        Infographic submission
·        Image submission
·        Video submission
·        RSS feed
·        Press Releases

Always remember Basics of SEO are very important if you are thinking about starting career in digital marketing. These are some of the methods one must follow to increase there ranking in the search results.  For learning more digital marketing techniques or having any queries , just fill the contact us form.



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