The top five start-ups in INDIA in 2017

Founders:- Dhruv Khanna, Himmat Bajwa

Octopus Tech is one of the top start-ups in india & offering a number of services like BPO services, E- Surveillance, Legal Process Outsourcing, Virtual Assistants, Chat support…and much more. The company is emerging so fast each day and handling international clients with full dedication and enthusiasm. Getting domestic clients these days is tough but Octopus Tech is having many International clients which tell how fast the company is growing and crossing national boundaries and taking over the international business. The company employees are growing each day and they have quite positive reviews about the internal environment “more like a family” one said. The company is giving tough competition to big fishes in the industry. The start-up is doing great and we hope next year the Octopus Tech turns into an International “Giant Octopus Tech”

2.    ID FOODS:-     

Founders: P C Musthafa, Samsudeen T K, Abdul Nazer, Jafar T K & Noushad T A

P C Musthafa an IIM-B graduate started ID Fresh food with his four cousins. Packaged ready-to-cook idli/dosa batter, chappatis & delivering homemade batter in Bengaluru is the only unique business area of ID fresh foods.The idli/dosa batter is available in 14 cities, and the revenue just crossed over 100 crores this year. The IIM-B graduate gambled in the right way and now one of the best competitors in their segment. Hope they grow more each year and make India proud.

3.    FRESHMENU:- 
 Founder: Rashmi Daga

The other IIM-A alumnus into the food business which cooks food from its own kitchen in four major cities  i.e Bengaluru, Mumbai, New Delhi and Gurugram. The food is very hygienic and healthy and variety of items on the list.The company is deciding to increase its product catalog and even thinking of expanding in Hyderabad and Pune. Well, we hope Rashmi Daga u expand PAN India soon and we can also taste your delicious food.Best of luck.

4.    FLYROBE:-

Founders: Pranay Surana, Shreya Mishra & Tushar Saxena

The other IIT grads Pranay Surana, Shreya Mishra & Tushar Saxena who came up with this unique idea where you can rent designer apparels for any occasion. This sounds really cool , especially girls can easily afford designer clothes for different occasions & so applies for men too. Flyrobe can actually make you fly as it is economical in your pocket. Sometimes we want to buy clothes for special occasions but these clothes come too expensive and wear once or twice a year sometimes leads to the lecture from parents too that you spend lavishly or waste money ,so Flyrobe is the best alternative. The company serves almost in every major city.So you get royal fashion at the cool budget. Keep growing Flyrobe & all the best for future.

MYRA logo
5.    MYRA:-  

Founders: Anirudh Coontoor and Faizan Aziz

The MYRA is an online pharmacy based in Bengaluru which delivers medicine at door step with 75% customer retention this year.The company is founded 12 months ago and does a daily more than 1000 transactions.The company is now getting investors from being industries too. The main point here is that the company has hardly spent money on marketing and still expanding each day. The company founder Faizan said they just need to have a positive impact on the lives of people. With such beautiful cause, we hove and wish the company grows more & more each day.

It is the new & rising India and our Prime Minister has also started Make in India campaign.
So this is the right time to follow your dream and make your dream into a full-fledged business model. Work hard and make India proud. If you have a start up or a success story ,do CONTACT US.


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