Be positive

What is Positivity?

I take it as
•    P for Productivity
•    O for Organised
•    S for Success
•    I for Intuition
•    T for Temperament                                                              
•    I for Ideal
•    V for Victory
•    I for Ideal
•    T for Testing
•    Y for Youth

    These days maximum percentile of the youth through out the world is so sad…Feeling lonely…having negativity in their life.The reasons behind this agony are countless------like

•    Lack of caring company of the parents/family members
•    Poverty
•    Unemployment
•    Slow rate of promotions
•    Debts from different corners
•    Decreasing habit of reading good literature
•    Attraction towards westernize glamorous life
•    Deterioration in moral and ethical values
•    Media etc…etc…

Let's not go into the details because youth is not ready to have any boring lectures.They don’t have any time- I won't say this because they have ample time. Actually, this is the only period when they have time. Afterwards, it's futile.They will be busy enough in this or that kind of responsibilities.




SO, dear Youngistan!
When youth have an ideal intuition of temperament of having organized and tested productivity for the stability of their victory and success, it is definitely going to pay them illuminative and illustrious life. So leave negativity and have positivity.

Pass positivity
Author:- Mrs Raj Sharma                                    


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