My MBA Experience

My MBA experience.

What I learned & Experienced during my MBA?
Master Of Business Administration that’s what MBA stands for, such a heavy word. I took admission in MBA 2 year back (in 2015) and thought I would learn only Accounting, Human Resource, Finance and the huge list will go so on.

1st Semester:-

The truth is that in my first semester my balance sheet never matched and so was with my Profit & loss account which we MBA call P&L account, which always showed losses and doesn't know what was wrong with Trial balances that I had to take so many trials that finally I would wait for the lecture to end.
Yeah, there were few lectures which do teach us life experiences given by respected H.S Chahal sir. Yeah, we do enjoy your lecture.Somehow I passed the first semester with few friends... not much entertainment, life was just going to campus and then coming back home.

2nd Semester:-

Then came the second semester, started having some good friends with amazing thrill and mastii. Then came brothers from another mother (Ravneesh Mehta, Manjinder Singh Pannu) thanks for being part of life. We three remain always together and didn’t know when the second semester passed.I still remember when you both stayed at my house for financial accounting paper I was the one sleeping all night and every 2 hours you wake me up and I was like w hen whole semester I did nothing what can I do in few hours. But I knew too, what you were studying on YouTube,
Hahaahahhah, but Ravneesh you were good in Statistics, I know how much effort it takes to teach a dumb like me, but thanks for making me pass that subject. Exam time was always depressing, everyone was running after good grades, but I had like to mention here CGPA doesn’t matter all matters is your technical knowledge about your field and good communication skills.  But thanks to you Bhawna my dear friend For always looking my back during exams, I owe you a lot. High five on this Bhawna.We did celebrate some birthdays and during MBA I came to know that 3-4 pond cake is not meant to eat, its meant to do facial of your buddy's. On whole second semester was fun.

3rd  Semester:-

Ahh, this semester was fun too, had many close friends too.
Then entered Three Raina’s (One obvious me,2nd Kawleen Raina & 3rd Luvleen). We three Raina’s became friends rather some time three Idiots was cool! High five to our friendship. Luvleen I still don’t know that if you have watched all episodes of Games Of Thrones (GOT), entire MBA I have insisted you to watch all episodes but you were lazy enough to watch them. Kawleen you were crazy and that was fun and still remember that ice cream competition every day, yeah I have eaten lot more than you and still skinny. Yeah, one thing to mention, ice-cream from friends money tasted lot got than from your own money. How can I forget my lunch gang (Nisha, Rajni, Jasmeet, Ketan, Sakshi), yeah we all had fun because so much on the menu rather it was like a buffet .I still wonder if Jasmeet brought his chapatis from gurudwara.But jasmeet was the booster app of our group. Sakshi, still remember when u fell and frankly Nisha was the one laughing most.
Manjinder and I have to plot so much devil ideas so that Ravneesh approaches a girl, We have to give so much pump to him so that he proposes someone. We had tried so much hard no one would know in the entire class.How can I forget our short cricket matches in campus ground that were fun too, it made us bring half of the groups together.Some special friends like Swati, Mehak and others whose name are not mentioned you all are the best part of this third semester. Juhi, we both were dog lovers and that,s what made a bond between us.While writing this I am scared that no name should leave behind, but with whom ever I talked you all are part of me. Thanks.
The overall 3rd semester was fun, we do have organized a couple of trips and I will share pictures of that too.


 4th  Semester:-

This was kind of hard semester, as everybody was into placements or job tension and some with grades tension too.What I felt that as many of us were not able to have a campus placement some had surely achieved something great. Like, Ravneesh had made a six this semester, he had a girlfriend now. Sorry to Raina group that we can’t have a trip in 4th semester.I have some amazing clicks which I will share too. Then some Munchis restaurant parties and then finally good buy on last day. Yeah I saw many cry and on the other hand was doing mimicry of who ever I saw crying and making my gang laugh but the truth is I was sad too , I knew deep down I won't get these moments back but that men ego, men can’t cry so start showing yourself tough, that’s what I was doing that very moment. I could have cried if I had found a (girl)shoulder to cry(hahaha).Below is the picture of last day celebration at campus




You knew maybe now MBA is not about just the number of subjects you study, Grades you get or the seminars you have given, its all about creating memories with friends and experiencing life. Because now when I see back I see some nerds still not satisfied with the job, salaries or one or the other thing but remember my readers just don’t stop, don’t lose hope, just keep going and remember you can always ask for my help.


  1. U made me cry buddy😐😐 refreshed 2 years of mba 😍😍 nd yeah 4 sem's trip is pending πŸ™„

    1. will make it to superb places , we added on wishlist.

  2. Dhruv thank u so much refreshed 2 years of MBA journey but when I read this beautiful words you have written about our journey I am still crying😒😒 love you to all miss forever ,,,,god bless you Dhruv and God give you lot of success and happiness in your life I pray to God Dhruv ko achi see girlfriend Mil JayeπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

    1. hhahahhahhaahah, jasiii jese koi nai,
      miss u too...

  3. It's just probably remind me all the moments we share in Our MBA. Did a grt job nd miss u a lot specially ur silly dialogue����..Stay blessed

    1. o yeah,
      me koi movie ka poster nai jo bdl jau

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I would like to say .. u called me ruhi πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š.but truly I didn't knew how beautiful phase of my MBA . It's great pleasure to have friend like u and others . Yeah keep going . Picture abhi baki h mer
    e dost . Thank u so much dhruv . Really missed u .

    1. pictures abi sb ki pdi ,, time se dalta rhu ga,
      or name spelling theek kr diye

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