Corporate Life- My 3 years journey.

Corporate life-
My 3 years journey.
Corporate world

The journey begins!          



It just seems like yesterday that I entered into this Corporate World and it became a part of my daily struggle! Struggle, you may call it, coz the saying rightly goes “Only a dead fish go with the flow”. So obviously, I had two chances – either go ahead of the flow or just lag behind.

Nah, I didn’t get a chance to Go Ahead Of The Corporate Flow in my first 2 years Journey. Yes, I was slow, slow like a tortoise, lagging behind everyone else (at least that’s what it seemed like in those 2 years). The corporate world is like a Dream Poison, a POISON that you would like to gulp every day, but a POISON that is sweet as hell.

Let’s fly back to my First Year with HCL. Dreams in my eyes, pride on my face, nervousness within myself, and a question in my heart- Can I do this? Nah, I had no answer then. And that was the time when I was like that DEAD FISH, who would love to go with the flow. The journey began, I got trained (that’s what we call Honeymoon Period in Corporate life). The training ended and we were about to go LIVE on the floor. Oops, our hearts were pounding so loud that they could be heard in our panicking voices.

The first day finished when our manager came & patted our backs saying,
well done
“WELL DONE”, though we knew we haven’t done so well. But, that’s what a manager should say on your first day, right? Days, months and a year went by. And now we have mastered our job. Mastered it to an extent that sometimes we know more than what our managers know, LOL.

But wait, 1 year of Corporate Job and how about the dreams and passions? That’s what I thought about 1 night. And I had no answer to my question. In the midst of my Job, I forgot about my passions, my passion to travel, to read more and more books, to explore more & more cultures. But by the time I realized it, the year was long gone.

Then came the Second Big Year of my Corporate Life. New resolutions, new life Dramas, oaths to make your WORKING PLACE a FUN PLACE. But how could that be a fun place, when you don’t love what you do. Days & months went by and my life was no different than the last year.
Opportunities came & went across, but I never asked for one. I was still like a DEAD FISH who was going with the flow imagining/dreaming that someday, something good will certainly happen. 

just exploring things

Imagine a dead fish waiting for a miracle to happen that would make it feel alive? And this reminds of a beautiful quote- “If you don’t ask for it, the answer will always be No”.

And then, I asked for something, something that was the biggest decision of my life. Something I used to dream about thinking that it may never become my reality- a DESKSIDE SUPPORT ENGINEER Role in London. Now, there’s another face of Corporate World- it’s still ruled by men to some extent. And the position for an IT Engineer was definitely a guy thing as per all my MALE COLLEAGUES.

Now, Corporate World has changed the entire statement of Bitches & Dogs!! Now men are labeled as Bitches and Women are more of dogs! 😎 So yes, a big battle for the Position- The position that I won from amongst all the MALE CANDIDATES. My third year is in London corporate World, and let’s see where it takes me in times to come.                                                                             
women lead today

As a person, I am no more a Dead Fish, I don’t like to go with the flow or lag behind it. But I am working hard to go ahead of the flow these days!

So guys, the ingredients of Success in the Corporate World- Think like a Manager, Work like the Most Valuable Player of your team and Dreamlike your Boss, coz',  You’re always either at the Table or on the Menu! 

Author:- Bhanu Priya Raina


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